Content Management System (CMS)

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that gives the internet user the chance to create a website without any knowledge of coding. In other words, it's a software that gives the opportunity to the user to manage, generate and adjust content of a webpage with no previous expertise in the field. CMS makes this possible by combining a CMA (Content Management Application) and a CDA (Content Delivery Application) that are responsible for the coding and managing database.

Let's say that these applications work on the infrastructure behind the website while the user can be focused in the front of the page. By using a CMS, users can skip learning the sophisticated language applied in HTML and CSS and design very intuitive and user friendly web pages.

Content Management System (CMS) in education

Content Management Systems are software tools that facilitate the creation and modification of virtual content. The rapid integration of virtual technology in society brought about the appearance of this software in schools and universities. Many students today need to acquire web design skills to be able to master their chosen field. CMS software meets this need because it allows anyone with basic digital knowledge to create and design their own website. CMS software offers other advantages, including:

  • Coding disappears: Many students are intimidated by web design because they think they will need to learn to code. CMS software allows students to create attractive and effective websites without needed to know about complicated coding languages like HTML or CSS.
  • A collaborative space: Many students can access and modify CMS content at the same time, increasing student engagement and productivity.
  • Pre-designed templates: The software comes with many templates which provide an easily customizable foundation for students to build on.
  • Easy and fast updates: Websites can be updated consistently without the help of a developer or coding expert.

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