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EdTick’s mission is to help those in elementary and secondary schools, Higher Education, corporate training departments, awarding bodies and government institutions better understand eLearning and Educational Technology and the wide range of software tools available.

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How can technology boost the well-being of teachers and students?

New challenges have arisen in the field of education affecting both teachers and students. One of the greatest challenges of the past decade is, without a doubt, the pandemic. The uncertainty, anxiety, worry for loved ones, the lockdown and other measures have taken a toll on everybody’s emotional and mental health. Kids were stuck at home, away from peers, and teachers were struggling with half-baked remote learning solutions.

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Lisa Gray (PebblePad): "The design behind the learning or assessment opportunity is key for an excellent learning experience.".

"...So now is the time to learn the lessons from that experience, and further explore approaches that make the most of what digital can offer rooted in good learning and assessment design. To build connections, community and belonging, that best prepare students for their studies, and make space for the development and authentic assessment of broader skills that prepare learners for a 21st century workplace. "

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Interview with Prof. Josep Gallifa: "In the Universities, what we identified was not an unspecified fear of change, but different tensions that affected the possibility of transformation."

The massive increase of new technologies in the field of university level education has brought opportunities as well as challenges. As expected, this dramatic change of our educational scenario has caused not only internal distress, but also pedagogical wonders. Although the majority of universities show common needs, many factors come into consideration when it comes to implementing EdTech. In order to analyse all these questions, Higher Education and Full Human Development expert University Professor and Researcher Professor Josep Gallifa has agreed to hold an interview for us.

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Elevate Your Expertise:
Guides to Education Technology and eLearning

How To Successfully Create Your Online Course

This article is our ultimate step-by-step guide on how to successfully create your own online course. From the initial idea to publishing and selling the course - we’ve got you covered.

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Soft Skills Development Initiatives: How To Assess And Improve Them In The Workplace

In this EdTick’s Guide, you will learn what are soft skills, why soft skills are so important and how your institution can measure the impact of employees’ soft skills in your business and track their development.

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How To Implement The Best Employee Training Tools For Your Business

In this guide, we will share what staff employee tools are, the most effective job training tool types, and the steps you should follow to find the right software tools that will make your employees love the training you provide.

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EdTick helps you research the software solutions best suited to your institution’s needs. We introduce you to the marketplace of suppliers so that you can create your own wishlist. Discover, select and then let us connect you with product experts!

Glossary for Educational Technology & eLearning

We’ve provided an index of terms about educational technology and eLearning so you can learn what’s relevant to your institution or business.

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