SCORM - Sharable Content Object Reference Model

What is a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)?

A SCORM is a standardized set of design specifications for an eLearning platform like an LMS (Learning Management Systems). Collected within a SCORM is digital educational content that can be easily shared between systems. These pieces of content are the most basic unit within a SCORM, and are called Shareable Content Objects, or SCO. Put simply, SCORMs are used to exchange data and package educational content. These tools greatly streamline the eLearning process, and many educational institutions are now taking advantage of Sharable Content Object Reference Models.

SCORM in education

The most remarkable advantage SCORMs provide is that once educational content is generated, students and educators can use the same content in many different systems and contexts. These are a few of the benefits that SCORM offers to the educational world:

  • Progress updates: SCORMs help educators keep track of students’ progress, which is crucial for them to understand their students’ motivation level.
  • Bookmarking: Students can bookmark their place using a SCORM, allowing them to easily pick up learning right where they left off.
  • Time recording: Educators can monitor the amount of time each student spends completing content. This gives educators feedback which can help them adapt their course on-the-fly.
  • Score records: SCORMs help collect students’ scores on different pieces of educational content, letting teachers stay organized.

These are some specific advantages that the adaptability SCORMs offer:

  • Courses can be built using whatever LMS the users prefer.
  • Interoperability provides the course a stronger and more flexible structure.
  • Financial and labor costs are reduced.

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