Career Development: How To Find The Right Software

What is a Career Development tool?

A career development tool is an online platform that helps inform and prepare young students for life beyond school, such as higher education, job training, or future careers. It takes advantage of online tools to provide resources and learning experiences through a designed study program.

How To Choose The Best Career Development Software For My Institution?

Step 1. Define the needs of your institution’s students

As the overall goal of the career development tool is to prepare students for the future. Thus, you should conduct research to determine how best to meet your students’ specific needs concerning post-education opportunities.

Step 2. Compare and analyze career development suppliers before making any final decision

Which kind of functionality will you need from a career development tool?

Each career development software has its own unique benefits. Some pieces of software are more focused on facilitating career planning and decision-making, while others offer more tools related to career counseling and career assessments. Keeping your institution’s needs in mind, carefully consider the pros and cons of each product you are shopping for.

What benefits can a career development tool offer my students?

Some of the specific benefits that you and your students might need from career development tool are:

  • Helping students learn about careers, educational paths and opportunities, and business trends.
  • Teaching students about their potential future career to increase their engagement in education.
  • Providing a broad variety of specialist support for job searches and the hiring process.

Which features am I looking for in a career development tool?

Relevant features you should take into account when choosing the right career development tool can be:

  • An integrated assessment feature that allows students to identify their strengths and key competency gaps through highly detailed reports.
  • An intuitive interface that allows both educators and learners to easily identify and access the information they need.
  • Personalized career development plans that give students a detailed vision of their future.

Which available tools can I use to research the career development offer?

We suggest you use EdTick’s search engine. We’ll help you learn about today’s top career development suppliers so you can choose the tool that best fits your institutional needs. Our free software makes it easier for you to make a decision by teaching you about the main features and benefits of each software.

How can I use EdTick to find the best career development software tool for my institution?

Access our search engine tool and choose the educational technology category that you are interested in for your institution. If you want to have a more specific overview of the software market, you can also filter for more precise features and benefits that you want the tool to cover.

After having looked through the different suppliers, you might have come across one or more software that you would like to learn more about. Carefully read the extended product and technical descriptions we offer.

In order to help you stay up-to-date, EdTick also provides relevant news about the latest trends and events that will guide you through the decision making process.

Step 3: Contact career development suppliers to learn more

If you want to learn more about a certain career development software, you can request advice from expert consultants and book a demo with up to 5 career development tools free of charge.

Step 4: Start one or various career development software pilot experiences

After completing the demo period with one or several suppliers, you might want to carry out a pilot program to further test the career development solution. You could also start with a trial period and implement the tool in a specific department before the whole institution adopts it.

We hope that this guide helps you identify the right tool for career development for your students!

Start your career development software trial with EdTick today!

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