Learning Resources Software: How To Find The Right One And Implement It

What is Learning Resources software?

Learning resources software use diverse educational resources to help students expand their skills and knowledge, as well as develop their creativity. Some of the most common examples are cartoon creation tools and video editing platforms. These types of resources are generally used in K-12 schools.

How Do I Choose The Right Learning Resources Tools For My Institution?

Step 1: Define the needs of your institution

Some of the most common goals to implement a learning resources tool are:

  • Assist students in meeting the learning objectives set by state or school district standards.
  • Promote creative and playful learning in the classroom.
  • Provide teachers with easy-to-create content which can include links, images, video, and audio.
  • Allowing teachers to avoid repetitive content which demotivates students..

Step 2: Compare and analyze learning resources suppliers before making any final decision

What specific benefits are you looking for in a learning resources tool?

Before making a decision, think about what you want the learning resources software to offer your students. For example, some of the most popular learning resources tools is video editing software built for education. These tools generally offer a very student centered approach and include highly customized resources that allow students to educate themselves and develop their creativity. Alternatively, some tools are designed for students to create their own presentations and tasks, which increases their independence, strengthens their video editing skills, and helps them familiarize themselves with technology. Other highly popular learning resources are cartoon creation tools, which allow teachers to deliver educational content while keeping young students highly engaged.

Whether you’re trying to encourage student independence, increase engagement, or something else, make sure you’re picking the right tool for your situation. At EdTick we offer a wide variety of learning resources tools for you to browse. Check out our search engine to better understand which type of tool might be most appropriate for your institution.

Which benefits am I looking for from a learning resources tool?

Some of the benefits that you might seek from a learning resources tool might be:

  • Bringing out the creativity in every student.
  • Reaching children with different learning styles, such visual learners or verbal learners.
  • Motivating and engaging students by allowing them to learn at their own pace.
  • Giving personal feedback on student’s work.
  • Enabling students to re-watch videos anytime and anywhere to better accommodate for their schedules.

Which features am I looking for in a learning resources tool?

Relevant features that you might seek on a learning resource tool could include:

  • An intuitive interface with powerful editing features.
  • Support for different media formats.
  • An easy to use interface, which enables you to crop, trim, cut, and combine items in a few clicks.
  • Stunning visual effects including, for example, engaging transitions, filters, and overlays.
  • Video effects specially designed for educational purposes.

Which available tools can I use to research the benchmark on learning resources tools?

In order to find the right Learning Resources softwares that best suits your educational institution, we recommend you use EdTick’s search engine tool offering relevant and useful information on the latest educational technology, including learning resources platforms.

With EdTick you will discover the main functionalities, features, expertise, and benefits of learning resources software, which will facilitate you making a decision on the right tool for your school.

How can I use EdTick to research and choose the right learning resources software tool for my institution?

First: Research using EdTick’s search engine tool by choosing the educational technology category that you‘re looking for. If you want to be more specific, you can filter for the features and perks you want from the software.

In addition to our search engine tool, we also offer the latest educational news, reports on trends, guidelines, and more.

Second: If you are interested in a tool you find and/or you want to better understand the difference between certain tools, carefully read the extended product and technical details that EdTick offers you.

Step 3: Contact learning resources suppliers to learn more about their offer

Through EdTick, you can request to be contacted for further information and professional advice on learning resources from an expert. You can also enquire for a demo on up to 5 different learning resources tools anytime and free of charge.

Step 4: Start one or various learning resources software pilot experiences

After a consultation or a demo period with one or more of the learning solutions that you found with us, you might decide to implement the platform(s) at your educational institution.

In that case, enjoy the tool and happy learning!

Find the best Learning Resources for your educational institution!

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