Summative Assessment

What is a Summative Assessment?

The objective of summative assessment is to evaluate student knowledge, skill development, and academic accomplishment at the end of an instructional interval like a semester, school year, unit, or project. Summative assessments measure a student’s success based on specific expectations set for the academic period.

Summative Assessments in education

  • Summative assessments are often performed after a project or assignment is completed to let the teacher measure their students’ level of understanding. Measuring this helps teachers know if their content is being used effectively.
  • Summative assessments are often reflected as grades or points in a student’s academic record. These records help educational institutions track progress, though not every summative assessment contributes to a students’ grade.
  • There are different kinds of summative assessments. The most popular ones are standardized exams covering topics such as mathematics, science, reading, or writing.

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